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The new designed 40m SFCB model is yet tested at MARIN in Wageningen. The world most prestigious test centre of marine objects like ships, offshore platforms & floating objects under al kind of weather and seastate conditions

Some of the video of the testing you can watch on YouTube and you find the link at our webpage "Projects"

 The test results of the Super Fast Crew Boat (SFCB) for the coastal and deep see crew tendering and utility duties are very good as you can see in the below preliminary report of MARIN 

We have now designed, based on the 40m SFCB concept, a version for the Offshore Windmill Farms. This type of vessel has the advantage over the current Windfarm Crew Tenders and Support Vessels, that it is multi purpose.


                  Speed : 28 knots

     Deck Space : 110m²

                                                      Deck Cargo : 45 MT  inclusive Container lashing

     Deck strenght : 2 MT/m²

Crew/Cabins : 8/5

Maintenance Crew/Cabins : 12/6                    

Passenger Salon : 30 pax

                                     Anti Rolling : 2 independent systems

                                          Walk On Walk Of : by Shock absorber bow fender

                                                              Bow Fender : According to shape of Windmill Pools

                                            Bow Fender Push : Adjustable between 5MT to 20MT max.